Do you want answers with real foods right for you, for healthy weight loss, more energy, balanced blood sugar levels,  stop the cravings, happier hormones, renewed health?  

Food and eating habits that are considered normal today, are so often not good for most of us. Poor food or simply the wrong food choices for you, can lead to your body's natural self-regulation becoming highly disrupted and as a result, ill health and obesity arising.

The programme focuses solely on metabolic health - when you address the cause and restore balance to the body, metabolism can be reset and natural health restored.

With Metabolic Balance, you can truly reset your body. 

Your uniqueness is what is so special.

Metabolic Balance is a strictly practitioner only program, and a highly successful program that I incorporate in my clinic at Natural Rhythm Wellbeing.

You will be guided and supported throughout the entire program by me a qualified Clinical Nutritionist, an accredited Metabolic Balance health coach practitioner, my professional support will get you better outcomes, to achieve your weight loss success, renewed energy, and best of all get your health and wellbeing back on track.

Don't get caught up with calorie counting, fad diets, starvation, replacement meals, potions, or yucky shakes!

This is not what your body or health needs! especially your metabolism.

You will learn to make the right food choices, healthy habits,  balanced nutrition, wholesome foods, that are made perfectly for you.

What influence does metabolism have on your health?

When your metabolism is balanced and back in rhythm your all over energy improves and overall wellbeing. 

Common problems associated with metabolic disorders include being overweight and diabetes. There are many food changes that can help boost your metabolism, balance your blood sugar levels, regulate your weight, balance hormones, PCOS, thyroid conditions and help prevent many metabolic diseases.

How will you feel when your metabolism  is balanced?  

  • Your energy increases, which boosts your daily performance at work and home
  • You gain strength and muscle mass
  • You regulate your blood sugar levels
  • You balance your acidity-alkaline ratio
  • You achieve and maintain your desired weight
  • You improve your overall quality of life
  • Your hormones will be happier and in tuned.
  • Your cholesterol levels can return to a normal level.
  • Your inflammation levels  improve.

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I knew in myself, that I could feel a shift in my metabolism, after just 4 weeks on my Metabolic Balance Nutritional plan, I started feeling great again!

 I lost 7.5kgs which is where I wanted to be, I lost 5cm off my waist, and saw great changes in my all over energy, vitality, with out putting my body under constant stress, with doing daily gym workouts, shakes, calorie counting, potions or starvation.
Just real foods for my body, and some gentle exercise that my body needed to get it back balanced and reset.
Are you ready to make changes and to start feeling great again, and wanting to see a shift for your body and health that it really deserves?
Lets make it happen for you as well! 


" I have struggled with managing my weight due to Hashimotos, after being on Metabolic Balance I lost a total of 8.5kgs after 12 weeks, i was amazed how my personalised food list and plan, was so powerful for me and how I am feeling, renewed energy, weight loss, and without doing intense gym workouts."  Ashleigh

"After 14 weeks I am down 13kgs, and feeling fantastic, more energy, my waist measurement prior to MB was 103 cms, my new waist measurement is now 91cms. I am loving MB and looking forward to continuing with my personalised nutrition plan further with this awesome program, and to reach my new weight goal."  M.I


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  How does it work?

1.  An Initial consultation cost $140 (this is seperate to you plan).

This is to assess whether you are suitable for the programme, I begin at looking at your full health history, hormonal health, stress levels, digestion, lifestyle, current diet, nutrient markers, health goals, past health and any past weight related issues.  I take your body measurements and weight, go through your food preferences or and aversions to certain foods. It is all an important first process to support and help you put together a plan of action to an ideal personalised program based on you!

2. Getting a fasting comprehensive blood test.

You are required to get a blood test, which analysis's 36 different parameters. This blood test will evaluate blood glucose levels, inflammation markers, TSH thyroid markers, iron studies, cholesterol, liver and pancreas function, the results are then put through a analysis which will provide your fingerprint for your personalised diet and nutrition requirements it is one of the key components for putting together your individualised unique  nutritional plan.

3. Your personalised Metabolic Balance plan.

Your plan will be ready for you after your blood test is analysed, and usually within in 7 days. The plan will contain precisely your key foods that contain essential nutrients for your current health needs, which provides your body to reset its metabolic system. The programme DOES NOT have any processed replacement meals or shakes! Which is why it is so unique. It is quite easy to follow, which contains all your needs, guidelines, food plans, what to buy, and is a comprehensive presentation. There is FOUR phases of the programme to reach your health reset.

* It will be necessary to have a further 6 x consultations with me over a 12 week period.  This is a requirement to help with ongoing support, and see how you are coping, and if there is hurdles you maybe facing with the plan or any other health concerns. 



- A referral to get a full blood test.  a comprehensive blood analysis, which specifically based on your metabolic health markers, a vitamin D check

-  A 90 minute thorough initial nutritional consultation, where I look at your all over health and wellbeing, and your health goals.

- Your individualised personal Metabolic Balance nutritional plan. 

- All inclusive 6 x personal consultations over the 12 week period   plus a free 25 minute introductory consultation.

Weigh ins and body composition measurements at every consultation.

Access to private Facebook groups only available to Metabolic balance clients.

Personal coaching and full support throughout the entire programme.

- Nutritional medicine support available throughout the programme to help support your health concerns throughout the programme.





Payment plans are available through, Ezi-debit.


Metabolic Balance. is a recognised weight loss programme with Bupa and AHM. Please check with Bupa and AHM, in regards to your relevant health care cover.


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Success - scientifically proven.

Metabolic Balance has been scientifically-proven to be one of the most successful nutrition programs ever. One key to its success lies in the high degree of individualisation:




Myriam W. -35 kg
My coach convinced me from the start about the nutrition programme. I felt the success immediately, and after 2 months I had already lost my first 10 kg. It wasn't long before I got my positive outlook and happiness back.
Steffen F. -64 kg
My name is Steffen and I am 44 years old. Until the age of 25, I was able to eat and drink everything I wanted. I kept my weight relatively constant, between 85-90 kg.
Jennifer R. -35 kg
Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am 25 years old and weighed 110 kg when I started Metabolic Balance® at the beginning of the year.