Food 600 Compatibility Progam



The 600 Food Compatibility Hair Analysis Program is your own individual wellness programme.

The programme works on how food and products affect our energy flow throughout our body, this detects foods or products that are biologically incompatible and foods that are compatible. 

This technique is unique has been thoroughly researched and developed for over 30 years. 

When incompatible foods or products are being used or consumed this therefore leads to cellular dysfunction. This then can lead to  inflammation underlining health conditions. These issues effect cellular healing and dysfunction, which can cause an array of ongoing issues:

- Digestive issues

- Aches and pains

- Allergies, sinus.

- Headaches, migraines

- Skin issues.

- Poor sleep, behavioural issues and much more.

The test covers over 600 food products, including supermarket foods and household products. It is ideal for persons who are wanting an alternative naturopathic way to find out what foods are suited to your body.

It is not an allergy test!

The test is a most effective way to see what foods or products that are compatible with your body, the results are up front, without the hassle of endless food elimination, and best of all non evasive, all is needed is a very small pieces of hair or saliva, these a very powerful testing tool for our cellular health.

For example:

"If I told you need to eat more kale or substitute with almond milk, as part of my treatment plan or dietary advice before the test, your symptoms may not improve,   as these items may not be compatible with you, which then slows down the healing process, and therefore a non - effective for you and your health.". 




- The Food compatibility 600 test which includes your comprehensive report and findings.

- A free 40 minute follow up appointment. This is where I will go over your results, and present your report and findings.





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