Nutritional Medicine works on how to heal and bring energy back to our bodies, through food and nutrients. It is a Holistic approach on how micro and macronutrients play to balancing and restoring our health, and effects on wellbeing, and disease states.  Our bodies and mind need to be working in a balanced state to maintain optimal health.

It is a combination of evidence-based research, nutritional therapy, and targeting the cellular level, these combined, help bring the body back into its rhythmic state.

Nutrition is our life. What we put into our bodies is what makes us live. It is needed for our whole system to function efficiently, it supplies our entire bodily reactions, from the cellular level to our organs, physically, and emotionally. This is how nutritional medicine supports us.



Iridology is all about your eyes. It is not a diagnosis or a cure. It does reveal so many things about us as individuals. Eyes do not only see but also reveal insight into our soul. The beautiful colours of our eyes, make up our strength, weakness, and our constitution.

There are particular markings and shadings that are unique to everybody and reveal many extraordinary things, this includes personality type, genetic or family dispositions, along with certain areas of the eyes that tell what areas your health that need nurturing, and support.

The eyes cover’s all areas of our bodies from the pupil and all the way to the white sclera of the eye. Iridology is a fascinating and complex insight into who we are, and what we are made up of.



The original founder of iridology was a Dr. Ignatz von Peczely, he was Hungarian. At an early age of 11, Dr von Peczely saw an owl in his backyard sitting in a tree. He was fascinated and wanted to catch it. The owl's leg got accidentally broken. He observed at the time a dark coloured line in the lower section of the owl’s iris. D.r Peczely treated the owl's leg over a period of and healed the owl's leg. He tried to free the owl but he wanted to stay. He observed the owls iris and noticed a change to the previous marking, it changed from the dark stripe to a white zig-zag line.

This was the foundation of iridology, and papers show this was around 1861.

He continued to research and observed the iris through this career, and wrote many papers, drawings of the iris, one in particular “Diagnosis from the eye.” This drew inspiration for the present iridology charts, and iridologists and health practitioner still use today in iridology.



Flower essences are a fabulous tool is assisting a person’s body to heal, they work on releasing mental & emotional blockages when these are blocked this stops us from being who we can be. Health is about you, this includes mentally, physically and emotionally. It is quite often that our subconscious can stop us from reaching our wellness goals. This is where vibrational therapy of flower essences comes to play.

Our universe consists of molecules and atoms, and electrons that connect and charge, this causes vibrational movement. Because we cannot see or smell something “matter” doesn’t mean doesn’t exist. This is how our vibrations of the human body respond to emotions, feelings, which also affect our physical wellbeing. There are our vibrational energies. Flower essences activate and release these energy patterns which balance, detox, and heal these vibrations, therefore working on our physical self, spiritually, and emotionally.

Australian Bush flower essences are known for their power and vitality, they are very unique essences. The reason for this is Australia is one of the oldest continents, an ancient culture and Dreamtime theology.  It has the most number of native plants known in the world, with striking colours, beauty, and flowers that withstand the harshest of conditions. They are used extensively worldwide in there healing capabilities.

The founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences is Ian White for interesting facts about ABFE, read some internet readings below:




Our liver is our cleansing organ it processors everything, including, hormones, toxins, medications, food, chemicals, cleaning products, alcohol, drugs, environmental pollutants, and many more. When our liver has been overloaded, issues arise, they get tired. 

Detoxification is not about fasting for days on end eating boring tasteless food, as a lot of people might think. Lemon juice in water, and consuming vegetable juices are a great way to assist you with detoxing, but there is more to it. 

We also need to support our liver detoxification pathways, by eating the right foods and proper nutrients. It includes eliminating certain foods from our diet, including important foods and nutrients which will enhance the elimination process, these include clean organic nutritious based foods, anti-inflammatory foods, enough protein, and foods rich in antioxidants.   An elimination of all processed foods, including dairy, gluten, some meats, avoiding toxins and chemicals, all alcohol, these are important for the process and healing of our liver and detoxification phases.


Toxins and chemicals that enter our bodies are fat soluble which simply means they like to oily of fatty substances, this then makes them harder for the body to excrete them, they tend to hang around for many years, and only get excreted in times of fasting, sweating, stress or exercise. They, therefore, need to be water soluble for our bodies to excrete them. This is where phase 1 and phase 11 liver detoxification pathways do their job. When these pathways are clogged with excess toxins and chemicals, they slow the job down and cause long-term health issues. Phase 1 is the first step which converts these substances from fat soluble and sorts all the bad stuff out before it reaches Phase 11. Phase 11 then receives these substances and via enzymatic reactions, these are converted to a water-soluble substance which is then excreted.

So, you can imagine when it gets weighed down with too many of these, our liver, gut, and kidneys go into overload mode, and our health is compromised. Detoxification can be very beneficial for our wellbeing, you can look at it as the “weed, feed and seed”, just like a garden needs to grow, so do our bodies respond in this way for optimal wellbeing.



Nail analysis is a non-invasive tool and is easily accessible in ways to assess a person’s all over health. Disease, infection, poisoning, nutritional deficiencies, genetic dispositions, these can indicate colour abnormalities, shape, texture, size thin nails or thick nails, the nails reflect our working organs and how they are functioning.

A tongue analysis also reflects and corresponds to our organs, this is a great way to see if they are working efficiently, including our digestion and nervous energy. The signs I observe are the coating, colour, shape, size, and appearance.

They both have been used for thousands of years in both Chinese and Ayurveda medicine.



Restoring your health and wellbeing is a journey. You learn to develop a new knowledge of your health and wellbeing, this can bring about awareness and a renewed energy. In the beginning, we will be seeing each other regularly at first, then slowly you will achieve goals, and maintain your health and wellbeing this hopefully will become your way of life. It is important to remember that it is also something that you really want to do, as it is your body and is up to you in the end. But it is possible, even if the simplest changes can be made it can make a difference.



Biocompatibility 500 testing is a hair analysis test it differs from your hair mineral analysis testing. This technique is unique has been thoroughly researched and developed for over 30 years. The test works on how food and products affect our energy flow throughout our body, the test detects foods or products that are biologically incompatible, which therefore leads to cellular dysfunction. This then can lead to unwanted immune reactions, inflammation, reactive conditions such as eczema, digestive issues, arthritis and many other underlining health conditions.  The test is so simple, it requires a small sample of hair, which is then place in a small zip tight bag, including filling out a form, which then gets sent off to the special lab to be tested. The test covers over 500 food products, including supermarket foods and household products. The test is ideal for persons who have no answers to their symptoms. The programme usually takes 6 months which includes the elimination of foods and products which have been detected. Evidence has shown even in 4 weeks dramatic improvement in symptoms.



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