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What areas need realigning this week, have you been having headaches, sore shoulders, neck problems, feeling stressed, issues with your lower back?
Having issues sleeping?

Get in touch with your mind it is calming and gentle. Bowen therapy is perfect for re aligning all areas of your body.

Bowen is gentle on our body AND supports healing and energy flow to all areas of the body.

Bowen therapy is something I love incorporating in my practice and works so well in helping clients with adrenals, stress, and insomnia, which can also help support clients in stress related issues when it comes to losing weight while on there personalised nutrition program which is all part of a bigger picture in some cases with slow weight loss.

The fight and flight responses that Bowen tunes into causes relaxation, and decreases our stress levels not only for our mind but our entire body. This is why Bowen has great healing abilities and for realigning all areas.

A new approach to bodywork, awesome for anyone!!

Bowen treatment is not a massage, but a gentle therapy which works on realigning our whole body and can benefit:

- body aches and pains.

- stress, sleep problems.

- adrenals and lymphatic system.

- TMJ, 

- headaches

- fatigue, fibromyalgia and much more!



"I have had 3 Bowen treatments by Jacqui and I am highly impressed. The first treatment Jacqui worked on my very painful hip, I could not believe that by the same evening I had gained almost full movement in that hip with no pain! The second visit Jacqui focused on my digestion and once again managed to relieve the issues I was having. Jacqui is a warm and caring therapist with true healing hands, I feel blessed to have found her."



"Jacqui is awesome! Have had 2 Bowen treatments and it has helped immensely. Can't wait for my next session!"



"Highly recommend Jacqui. The Bowen Therapy program has helped my back pain to a zero
Thank you Jacqui"



" Hi Jacqui, I just want to let you know I had the best sleep last night after your Bowen treatment, which has been a while."



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