About me



Hi, my name is Jacqui Oastler, a Gold Coast qualified Clinical Nutritionist, accredited Metabolic balance® health coach practitioner, and Bowen Therapist, I graduated from AIAS with and Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine in 2017. I have had over 4 years experience in supporting clients with there health and wellbeing.

I suffered for many, many years of fatigue, severe sinus problems, allergies, ongoing infections, and terrible digestive discomfort. 

This where I began to explore the world of nutrition and natural medicine.

I knew there had to be a cause.  A light was switched on and this was the beginning of my Wellness journey, and this what lead me to studying Nutritional medicine and natural health, which changed my life.

As someone who is over 50 something,  I can honestly say, I have never felt so better, nutrition and natural medicine also helped me tremendously through peri menopause and menopause, without the use of HRT.

My big focus is healthy ageing, sustainable health and wellbeing, weight loss the right way, supporting menopause and post menopause with nutrition, gut health,  metabolic health, renewed energy, and the big one kicking sugar.

I work on a “Holistic” approach which simply means “looking at a person as a whole”, this allows treatment to be specific for you!

Nutrition is our life. What we put into our bodies is what makes us live, its needed for our whole system to function properly and efficiently, it supplies our entire bodily reactions, from cellular level to our organs, to mood, emotions, the whole picture.

It is a not a magic pill, or a fad diet, or will it happen overnight, it is about resetting your health , a journey, one step at a time, which will lead you to a new lease in life, and hopefully for a lifetime. You will see gradual changes over time. It is about you, and what works best for you.

I look forward to working with you to improve your health and wellbeing, and best of all start feeling great again.


Jacqui Oastler.

Cert IV. Bowen Therapist, Adv. Dip. Nut Med, Accredited Metabolic Balance® Practitioner Health Coach, Certificate in Human Nutrition. Accredited ABFE advance consultant. ANTA professional association member.  BAA Bowen Association Australia member. Vitae Mosaic Certificate complex cases.








“ Our inner health, is our inner mechanics, working in balance, with nutritional nurturing, and holistic approaches anything is possible.” By Jacqui Oastler.