Why is it is important to see a qualified nutritionist or a complementary therapist? Weight loss naturally, and not through medication!

It is important to remember, especially now that many complementary therapies will be wiped off private health funds. There will be many people advertising they are nutritionists, naturopaths, Bowen therapists, reflexologist etc. Be mindful that you make sure they are qualified, have appropriate insurances and also members of a Professional Association.
Unfortunately there are many people who are trainers in other areas, like personal trainers who are advocating this as part of there profession.
As a nutritionist I am qualified and have studied if for 3 and half years, I have insurances including professional and public insurances, and recognised through health funds and my professional association.
It is important not to self prescribe with supplements which may not be suited for you as  contraindications with other medications can occur, nutrition is very individualised as we are all not the same, especially when it comes to particular health problems.
Just be mindful who you see and what advice they give. Dr google really is not the best advice when it comes to nutrition, as it is very broad, and especially now as our sector is still being seen as hocus pocus.
Please keep supporting complementary and natural therapies!
There also has been add going around on Australian television, which is advertising GPs will help with your weight loss goals by prescribing medications to help people lose weight.
These medications  are very expensive and are also found to be a form amphetamines, which actually fasten up your metabolism to lose weight.
This is also why it is very important when you a wanting to lose weight is to get advice and support from a qualified nutritionist through proper diet, lifestyle changes,  nutrients, and quality supplements IF required,  to help you with your weight loss journey, where we are able to support you and teach you to eat properly through diet and lifestyle changes for the future. The weight loss journey or any healing through natural medicine is not a quick fix, it takes time. 
This a very sad and disappointing advertising campaign, which will only enhance more medications which will lead to other health issues and more money for pharmaceutical companies.
Shake it programme is one of the specific weight loss programmes!