Cocoa vs Cacao. Whats the difference?

Who doesn't love chocolate? 

There is a lot of recipes you may have seen with Cacao in it, the spelling is nearly the same as cocoa, but they are very different in how they are processed.

Dark chocolate has we all know is one of the most tastiest food on the planet. I would have to say this is my FAVOURITE treat! I can taste it now!

There is many really awesome health benefits when is comes to chocolate, (but we need to be aware of the % of cacao or cocoa and how it is processed) This is really important for health benefits. Aiming for at least 70% is ideal. 

The amazing benefits that they are referring to is raw cacao,  not so much the supermarket ones, though you still get some benefits from any dark chocolate.

Raw cacao is produced by cold pressing temperature via un roasted cacao beans. Using this process actually help preserve the potent enzyme and takes out the unwanted fat.

Cocoa powder that we see in the supermarkets and in our normal chocolate bar, have been roasted at high temperatures, therefore decrease the antioxidants levels.

Health benefits for of Cacao

- Helps with sugar cravings and insulin problems, contains polyphenols  a potent antioxidant which breaks down glucose in the blood.- It does contain a stimulant called theobromine,  this particular type of stimulant doesn't affect our central nervous system, like caffeine in coffee, it breaks down very slowly not like caffeine which gives us an enormous spike, this stimulant  is non-addictive.

- It is  high resevatrol, which is super powerful which also found in red wine, which is awesome in decreasing inflammation pathways in our bodies.

- Supports cardiovascular health, due to maintaining the nitric oxide in our body.

- Rich in minerals, healthy fats, magnesium, zinc, calcium, natural alkaloids which helps support neurotransmitters, and also good for our gut.

- Can be great before bedtime as a hot drink made with almond or goats milks (a good alternative to cows milk). Both contain tryptophan's, which help regulate our serotonin levels, maintaining serotonin levels  is important for sleep.

- Protection from oxidative stress and toxins.

- Great for our mood. No wonder because it tastes so GOOD!

Dark chocolate is still really good for you, but just not as powerful. 
Try to look for at least 70% cocoa, and organic if possible.

Just remember you still need to be wary of consuming large amount , as it still can lead to weight gain. But enjoy it in moderation.