What is selenium? This packs some powerful punch? How much do you need?

Selenium is a powerful mineral and plays a pivotal role in preventing oxidizing stress on our cells, its a major antioxidant enzyme which helps in recycling vitamin C and E, our thyroid metabolism, fertility,  improves good cholesterol ratios, supports toxicity from radiation and other environmental toxic overloads.

The need for selenium increases in aging, cancer, smoking, pollution, alcohol, hypothyroidism, PMS, elevated cholesterol levels LDL, and many more. 

Selenium, therefore, plays a crucial role in detoxification pathways, and DNA repair as well.  Glutathione is its best friend and they need to be performing at there best, for optimal results.

Selenium is in most foods, however, there a few particular foods that have greater levels. We must be careful if supplementing with selenium, as it can be toxic if taken in large quantities.

Our recommended dose for adults is 70 ug/day. If our health is suffering and not getting enough selenium, these levels may need to be adjusted. Toxic levels or overdose is 100 ug/day.

Foods are highest in selenium is Brazil nuts, followed by cashews, seafood, liver, broccoli, and yeast.  

If you are feeling your body needs some detoxing, after exposure to certain toxins, or hormonal imbalances, a few brazil nuts can help tremendously.  

For more advice about Selenium or other minerals that you might be deficient in, contact me or enquire, for further assessment.

Self-supplementing with any vitamins and minerals is not ideal, it is important to get the right advice and dosage in what is needed for you specifically.