What is hedonic eating? An emotional response to overeating, to make you feel good.

Hedonic eating is an emotional response or a reward, it stems from our brain's reward centre, usually this comes from when we are bored, lonely, stressed, depressed and a need for enjoyment. This sends a pleasure response to the
brain to make us feel good.
High palatable foods are everywhere, this includes all the processed foods, high sugars, high carbs they are cheap and can be bought anywhere, anytime.
Food is the main focal point of any social gathering at anytime of the day in most situations. Even when we are not truly hungry we consume them because it tastes good.

And when it tastes so good we tend to over consume them. Overactive eating has the same effect as drug abuse in a sense.

We were meant to eat for energy and when were really hungry, but hedonic eating is an area that is coming from a brain rewards centre not our hunger.

Weight management and obesity issues is a huge problem with Hedonic eating, not because you are hungry but you a wanting pleasure and the more of these high palatable foods are available,  the more you want, which can be difficult to sustain on a weight management programme, or anytime.

But understanding what triggers these needs or wants in food rewards, is one way in addressing or help supporting obesity issues, and it is not easy!!
Here are just few questions I ask in regards to emotional eating:

- What is causing you to these food rewards?
- When are you needing these cravings?
- Is it emotional?
- Am I really hungry?
- Mindful eating? Do I really need this?
- Are there other things I could do besides eating which gives my the same pleasure on enjoyment? 
Here are some mindful habits:
Watch your favourite movie, take a long bath, go for a long walk, take up a hobby, exercise, read a book, listen to one of you favourite podcasts, keep a journal of your feelings when you grab your snack, do something that you have always wanted to do, have a massage, mediation.
One other thing, would be to clear out your pantry or fridge that are tempters, make that a plan, try putting a reminder note on your fridge, DO I REALLY WANT IT?
Hedonic and emotional responses is not about caloric intake, but a response for pleasure and an addiction as such.
Overcoming hurdles with your emotions and mindfulness will be a big part of the picture, in weight management, and your food control.

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