The bottlebrush? Are you in need of some motherly bonding, overwhelmed with changes in your life?

The beautiful Bottlebrush flower. Australian Bush flower essences is a beautiful  gentle therapy. What a great time of the year to get your emotions and vibrational energies back?

I love Australian Bush Flower Essences, as a qualified ABFE consultation. I can make up specific flower essence blends suited to you, they a fabulous for balancing negative energies, emotions, and wellness.

The bottlebrush is a very versatile flower essence and can have a range of very useful uses, the positive outcomes with bottlebrush have its ability to help us move on to new things and horizons, bring about calmness, and great for unresolved paternal issues, and unexpected life changes or upheaval.

Australian Bush Flower essences usually work best when blended with at least 2 other flowers.

The aesthetics of the bush flowers is also related to what energies it gives us, for example, the shape of the bottlebrush looks like a toilet brush and it reflects great benefits for cleansing and flushing out unwanted energies.

I tend to add bottlebrush essence to most of my womens blends, great for motherly connections, or if you child has left home, or any conflict that maybe not addressed from mother or child disagreement in the past or future. It is perfect for the coming Christmas season, as there maybe some conflict approaching due to family matters with mothers or in laws. 

There are over 80 different flower essences, and they all are uniques in every way.
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