The beet of SPRING.

The beet comes from the plant family, Amaranthaceae-Chenopodiaceae, it is related to the same family of  Swiss chards and root vegetables, eating raw has an unusual sweetness along with a bitter taste. It is an ideal vegetable for our digestive health, due to the bitters which stimulate the bile production which promotes our digestive enzymes which is important for proper absorption of nutrients, along with a great source of fiber for bowel regulation.
It doesn't end here though with the beet. They are very rich in antioxidants, which help with the prevention of oxidative stress, therefore promoting support for your immune system, anti-inflammatory effect.
The beautiful deep colour is provided by betalaine a phytonutrient, which is high in lutein, which has great benefits for eye health,  There are also benefits for people suffering from iron absorption issues or anaemia. One of the most known benefits is the promotion of detoxification via the kidneys and liver, fabulous for lymphatic congestion support, and cleaning toxins from the blood which supports the glutathione process which is very important for our detox pathways.
Beets in the can are okay but do have decreased levels of important micronutrients, which are potassium and folate, there is usually added sodium as well.
The bright beet can be grated in salads, juices, great in dips, and fabulous for baking as well. 

The lymphatic system, can be overlooked and can be a forgotten system, issues can arise including skin complaints, kidney problems, oedema, stress, adrenal function, and immune functioning, when it is not optimal it can lead to some of these issues. Bowen therapy, and the humble beet is one way the lymphatic system can benefit, along with skin brushing, toxin elimination through diet, and sweating.
Tom Bowen who is the godfather of Bowen, believes beetroot is one the greatest support for our lymphatic system.

Need your lymphatic system assessing? 

Iridology is one way in assessing your lymphatic system. This is just another test I use to gather information about your all over health and wellbeing.