How do you make your own Flower Essences. How I chose my own flower right from my backyard? You can too!


I thought I would share my experiences in making my own flower essence, it was about the colour, appearance, and why it appealed to me through my own intuition. Flowers can have a very strong connection with people and individuals, they have an impact on what energies and emotions you may be experiencing in your life. The outcome for me was very interesting.

 Anyone can make there own. But make sure they are not poisonous if unsure check which your local nursery.



I made sure that my chosen flower was not too near any toxins or a polluted environment, my backyard was a good choice for this reason, not near the main  road, my suburb had very little pollution, close to the beach, the only issue was living next to Coolangatta Airport, Tugun, it was the best that I could do.

My chosen flower was the spectacular Bouganvillea Rosenka.  Before I removed the very delicate flower, I made sure I stood quietly in front of the plant, and in my mind thanked it, and I was grateful for allowing me to use its flowers for the vibrations that I will receive.

It was a hot and humid day on the Gold Coast, there was going to be plenty of sunshine. I grabbed my small glass pyrex bowl and filled it with fresh filtered water. I grabbed some tweezers, and I carefully removed the most delicate flower,  it fell in the glass bowl. I had two petals,  the plant decide how much it was going to give me. I then left the bowl next to the bush on my retaining wall and allowed it to sit for 2 hours in direct hot sunlight.

Making the mother essence:

After the two hours, I then took it upstairs. I had three small bottles, a 50ml, and two 15ml dropper bottles.

I took my essence water and strained it, I then poured it halfway into my 50ml bottle, which had half brandy, this was my first preservation, (my mother tincture).

Mother tincture to stock bottle

  • I grabbed one of the 15ml dropper bottles
  • I added 10mls of Brandy, and 4mls of purified water.
  • This was then my stock or concentrate bottle.

Dosage bottle

  • I prepared my third 15 ml dropper bottle, I added 10 ml of purified water and 4 ml Brandy, this will be my final preservation for my new flower essence.
  • I then added SEVEN DROPS from my stock bottle.
  • I then gently touched it and gave it a couple of shakes, which will help to expel valuable energy.
  • I once again thanked the mother essence for allowing me to use her.

The subjective and experimental impact on me:

There were so many beautiful flowers to choose from. I was very indecisive for many days. I began noticing so many different flowers, from weeds at the side of the road to the most obvious and brilliant ones, to the common ones.

I had my heart set on three in particular, which were all growing in my own backyard. The first one was a hanging basket that I have had for many years now, which was given to me by my brother it was a small cutting, which he got from my sister.  It is a Hoya carnosa, (wax plant), a very beautiful flower, I only had one in bloom, and I did not want to disturb it, I am keen to use it next time due to the family connection.

There were two left, my drought tolerant, hardworking flower the gazania such a perfect flower, it caught my eye every day. I was still undecided.

The last one left was my beautiful Bougainvillea Rosenka, a specimen which is my pride and joy. I never had success growing a bougainvillaea in the past or in a pot, they would die on me, these were meant to be the easiest ever to grow. I finally had success with it.

I finally chose this beautiful pink, and orange pink-tinged foliage, they change colour from pink to orange,  throughout their growth. I was drawn to it more than the others at this time. This was my final choice.

The beauty among these thorny and sometimes hurtful vines are amazing. I always loved their spectacular colours, but really never touched the flowers to reveal however gentle they were, like thin tissue paper and the tiniest white daisy-like flower that grows inside.

I looked at it as a new beginning in a way. It related to my life at this point. The past 4 years had been very stressful, and so challenging from studying my advanced diploma in nutritional medicine.  I was feeling overwhelmed and thought I would never finish it, it is all too hard, I will never begin my new career. There was also the death of my father in law, mother in law, sister in law, and my husband being rushed to emergency with a life-threatening issue,  all in one year. I did finish my diploma, and found the strength to move on after all the sadness and illnesses.

There were new beginnings, life goes on, and things to do get better over time, no matter how bad things become,  this reflects those beautiful flowers that hang onto those nasty vines. They struggle and manage to overtake adversity no matter how hard things are.

I found taking the essence on the first day had an impact of joy and calmness,  this uplifted my spirits after the struggles and stresses that I endured in those last fours years.  I also noticed I found myself looking at things from another perspective, generally in terms of taking things as they come and being calm instead of stressing, things really do get better.  I kept thinking of those nasty thorns that are always present on those vines.  


Proposed clinical uses, which could be of use using the Bouganvillea:

  • Joy and serenity, calmness after turmoil especially over long periods of time, motivation to keep going.
  • Help with chronic pain, stressful situations, tension headaches, long-term illnesses, autoimmune conditions, injuries, depression.

If you feel drawn to a particular flower or plant which flowers, see what it does for you? You may be surprised. That is the beauty of flower essences.

If you would like a flower essences appointment, feel free to book one with me, as I am a qualified Australian Bush Flower Essence consultation. 

Enjoy your flowers.