Lets, talk lutein! 

Did you know lutein helps protect the skin for environmental and oxidative stress?

Lutein acts a protective barrier, it also is one very important antioxidant that together with collagen peptides will enhance the elastin in our skin.

Another is phytoceramides which protects and maintains our hydration for our skin helping to stay hydrated.

Lutein is a powerful antioxidant for our skin, but also for our eyes, and antioxidant levels.

Skin is the largest organ of the body.

As we age our skin loses elasticity, which is why get wrinkles, and our skin can dehydrate much quicker as we get older. 

Collagen is what holds it together , every year we lose about 1.5%, and even more so when we are exposed toxins and environmental stressors, it also is found in our joints, bones, nails, and organs.

It is important to keep it hydrated with drinking enough water, protecting it from the harsh environment and stresses.

Sun damage plays a big part as well, but it is also important not to get to complement about not sitting in the sun as it is critical for our vitamin D levels.

Collagen and lutein are critical in keeping your skin healthy, your hair, nails, bones, including a healthy gut, consuming enough healthy fats along with lutein will help absorb if more efficiently, and what we eat!

Foods that contain the highest amount of lutein are fruits and vegetables tare your yellow, purple and red varieties. including your leafy greens like kale and spinach.

Foods that contain good amounts of collagen are fatty fish, grass fed meats, eggs, avocado, soy, berries, beans, cashews, and citrus foods.

Getting your daily dose of these important foods will help support a healthy skin, nails, bones, and healthy ageing inside and out.

I recommend a collagen supplementing, along with your proper food intake which can give you optimal results for healthy supple skin. 

The Collagen Plus from Nu Skin is my go to, as a Nutritionist it is my go and I use it daily with fantastic results.

It is a perfect combination supplement blend for your inner and outer healthy ageing routine.

I am so excited that I can offer you these wonderful products to you at Natural Rhythm Wellbeing.