Is your gut microbiome and weight related?

The role of the microbiome has been shown in recent research with weight loss or weight management.

💩A happy and health gut microbiome has been seen with a positive correlation in glycaemic regulation, satiety (hunger control), and energy levels.
💩 Trials have been done in comparing lean and obese persons, in obese individuals dysbosis has been far higher, which therefore impacts very poor weight management and the following problems:

 increased intestinal permeability, poor bacteria, which has been found for drivers of inflammation, unhealthy glucose and fat metabolism, increase in visceral fat (centre body) adipose tissues.

 An altered gut microbiome also effects the nervous system which can also produce excess glucose insulin in the cells, ghrelin (hunger increase) and problems with weight gain.

Getting the gut healed with proper diet, real food, and a specific probiotic for helping metabolic markers is important for helping and supporting your weight management programme. 🥥💩😀🙏

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