How to make your own Kombucha?

Kombucha starts by adding the SCOBY, (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). The SCOBY is the mother of all mothers in the fermented world when it comes to Kombucha, this little blob is more than a funny looking blob. The cultures from the bacteria and yeast ferment the tea and sugar. SCOBY’s grow and have babies, and once you have them they are your family, they are not to be refrigerated but left in a safe place in a pantry is ideal.

When you received your first baby SCOBY, they are kept in a safe place with a starter tea from a previous batch, which is important for the SCOBYs to grow, and 

the starter tea is needed to make the batches of your homemade kombucha.


The SCOBYs are best kept in a glass container like the ones above, and a cotton cloth needs to be placed over the jars, either by string or a rubber band. This helps the SCOBY’s to breathe.


Nutritionally it has amazing health benefits for you and your family, as we know it is a great way to get your probiotics in one glass, and something you can make by yourself!! The teas can vary from tea to tea, and contain many valuable enzymes, yeast, bacteria, acetic acids, these all benefit our gut microbiome, immune system, and antioxidants.




  1. Boil your water, filtered water if possible.
  2. Black tea bags
  3. Raw sugar.
  4. Your baby SCOBY
  5. Started tea from your SCOBY.
  6. A good size jar, I find the large storage jars are good. (try Kmart.)
  7. Cotton cloth and a rubber band.
  8. Glass bottles 2 litres if possible or 1 litres, make sure they have a good pressurized cap, depending on how much you make.
  9. And any fruit, ginger, berries, turmeric, it's up to you!!









1 Litre

1 – 2 tsp of loose tea or 2 – 3 tea bags.

¼ cup sugar

2 to 3 cups water the boiling

½ cup of your starter tea

2 litre

1 tablespoon of loose tea or 4 -5 tea bags.

½ cup sugar

6 to 7 cups of your boiled water

1 cup of starter tea

4 litres

2 tablespoons of loose tea or 8 tea bags

1 cup sugar

12 to 14 cups of your boiled water

2 cups of starter tea.




Prepare your sterilised of jars. Have one for your first ferment Kombucha, and one for the baby scoby to live in after your ferment.


  • Boil your water, (follow the above table, on how much you want to make.)
  • Place your tea bags, and sugar, in one of your large glass containers, can be 1 litre or 4 litres.
  • Poor your boiled water over the tea bags and sugar, stir, let it brew like you would to make a cup of tea. Leave it till the water has cooled right down.
  • Remove your tea bags, and give it stir, with a large clean!! spatula, or wooden spoon.
  • Then add your Scoby, and your required amount of starter tea, (the tea which your baby has been living in.)
  • Your fermented Kombucha is now fermenting.
  • Put your cotton cloth on top of the jar and rubber band on top, I find this is the best, as it stops unwanted bugs from getting into your ferment.
  • This is your FIRST ferment, leave it for 5 – 7 days, unrefrigerated, in a pantry is ideal or on your bench.
  • Have a small taste, you will know when it is ready, it should be slightly acidic, not too much, and not sugary. If it is too acidic it may have been left a bit long, too sugary leave it for another day or so.




  • Prepare your pressurised bottle with a cap on it.
  • Remove your SCOBY, and place it in your spare jar, make sure it has been cleaned and washed appropriately, very important for your SCOBY as we don’t want any unwanted bad bacteria to form,
  • Add at least ¾ cup of your first kombucha ferment tea with your SCOBY, this is there life line!!!
  • Drain your first ferment into your pressurised bottle with a cap on it.
  • Here you can add any fruits, ginger anything you would like to try.
  • Close the cap.
  • Leave it for another ferment 5 or 7 days, unrefrigerated!
  • Make sure you burp the bottle daily, this means just opening the lid to let air out. If not, you may have an explosion or extra extra fizz.
  • You are now ready to drink your refreshing homemade kombucha.
  • You can now refrigerate it, once refrigerated, the fermentation will seize.
  • Please note, not all kombucha will fizz, dependant on how hot it is and how much fruit is added etc.
  • Don’t fret it still will taste great, you will still get a wonderful source of PROBIOTICS, gut benefits and immune boost.
  • ENJOY!!!


You can now start your future brew of kombucha, and hotel of SCOBY’s. Your SCOBYS will continue to grow, give them to family and friends.


  • Please note if you run out of started tea, which can happen with your SCOBY’s when there resting as they tend to be thirsty, if you have not enough starter tea for your next batch. You can add organic non-flavoured kombucha from the shop or apple cider vinegar for a substitute.
  • If you do have too many, you can also add them to your garden for fertiliser.


Enjoy your Kombucha, take care of your SCOBY’s they are living blobs, they will become your babies!!