How to help support your liver over Christmas and the New Year?

Here are some mindful tips for you. If you indulge too much over Christmas!

Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and Health Happy New Year!!
Enjoy your Christmas break, remember its okay to have some indulgence over the Christmas season.

Be mindful of how you are eating, slow down while you are eating this will avoid your digestion system going into overload.

- Keep your fluid intake up, especially after you have had too many Champagnes or cocktails, or during!!

- Try and alternate with a mineral water or plain water in between, add some lime, mint or lemon, this will help with your digestion and hydration. Protein snacks, with your alcohol, nuts, cheeses. will lessen the absorption and protect you the next day,  avoid too many salted snacks as this will increase your thirst and will make you want more of the Champagne or Cocktail, which is not what you want as alcohol will make dehydration worse, especially the next day. That is why we feel dreadful when we have over indulged.

- Keep on hand some Vitamin B, VItamin C, liver support herbs,  milk thistle, are handy as well. Green teas and dandelion are great for your liver.

- Bananas which is a great source of potassium, this tends to get depleted with alcohol.

- Look at including fresh fruit juices, with added greens like Vital greens, this will help aid and support your liver and digestion over the festive season!

Stay safe, happy and healthy!