How are your energy levels leading up to Christmas and beyond? Here are few tips on how to boost those energy levels?

Leading up to Christmas is a stressful time, energy levels get depleted and adrenals are under attack.

These are few helpful hints and areas that can help you stay on top when you are depleted.

- Try to increase your protein intake at every meal look for good quality protein, that can be in the form of animal or plant based protein boiled eggs are an ideal snack a good addition to breakfast or lunch especially if you are on the go, plant based can be lentils or chickpeas great addition to any salads. High quality pea protein or whey protein powders with out added nasties are also great to use in smoothies for a snack. Protein helps regulate metabolism,  great for balancing blood sugar levels, including energy levels.

- Avoiding alcohol and caffeine do deplete lots of vitamins and minerals, one such is your Vitamin Bs which really important vitamins for energy production, hormonal regulation, cortisol function,  liver function, and brain function.

- Alcohol and caffeine tend to be our go to when we are stressed and or caffeine for energy lift, these are not doing are energy and adrenals much good at all. The reason being they are diuretics which can be lost quickly due to vitamin b and vitamin c being water soluble which our expelled via kidneys. our kidneys and adrenal produce cortisol which is our stress hormone.  They do not get stored for long periods of time not like your fat soluble vitamins, A, E, K and D.  

- Vitamin C is also important to consider, to due to its ability for our immune function, and helps with healing and oxidative stress on cells, which are depleted when we are fatigued.

- CoQ10 and B5 are ideal for increasing cortisol levels and energy levels, due to there co enzyme activity in cortisol metabolism.

- Magnesium is co-factor energy production of glucose  regulation, so including extra magnesium, through foods like leafy green, almonds, pumpkin seeds will help

- Staying hydrated it utmost important for energy levels especially through the warmers months, sipping on water throughout the day is a good way to stay hydrated, and include some nice herbal teas, liquorice and peppermint tea is refreshing, for an alternative to your coffees or caffeine, try dandelion for a coffee alternative.

- Other vitamins and minerals to consider would be A, C, E, zinc and selenium, foods rich in antioxidants. 

- It is important to try and eat organic , wholesome foods, good quality protein, drink plenty of water, fruit and vegetables, and avoid processed foods.

- Take time out for yourself, meditate, walk the dog, go for a swim, do some gardening, breathe, take a bath add some Epsom salts and essential lavender oil, yoga, get a massage, or Bowen therapy. A good exercise to try is a yoga position, legs up against the wall can do wonder for your adrenals and energy levels including help calming the mind. Another good one also is lying flat on the floor without any pillows, this another great way to rejuvenate the mind and the body, closing you eyes for just 5 minutes,  this another great way to rejuvenate the mind and the body.

It can be hard this time of the year with all the social gatherings, foods, alcohol and stress of Christmas shopping. But following some of the above tips will help a lot. Stocking up on the above vitamins and minerals which will help with your depleted energy and stress levels before and during Christmas.

To get more energy and help with adrenals and hormone production make an appointment with me for a personalised treatment plan suited for you.