Flower essences are a fabulous tool is assisting a person’s body to heal, they work on releasing mental & emotional blockages when these are blocked this stops us from being who we can be. Health is about you, this includes mentally, physically and emotionally. It is quite often that our subconscious can stop us from reaching our wellness goals. This is where vibrational therapy of flower essences comes to play.

Our universe consists of molecules and atoms, and electrons that connect and charge, this causes vibrational movement. Because we cannot see or smell something “matter” doesn’t mean doesn’t exist. This is how our vibrations of the human body respond to emotions, feelings, which also affect our physical wellbeing. There are our vibrational energies. Flower essences activate and release these energy patterns which balance, detox, and heal these vibrations, therefore working on our physical self, spiritually, and emotionally.

Australian Bush flower essences are known for their power and vitality, they are very unique essences. The reason for this is Australia is one of the oldest continents, an ancient culture and Dreamtime theology.  It has the most number of native plants known in the world, with striking colours, beauty, and flowers that withstand the harshest of conditions. They are used extensively worldwide in there healing capabilities.

The founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences is Ian White for interesting facts about ABFE, read some internet readings below: