Nutritional Medicine works on how to heal and bring energy back to our bodies, through food and nutrients. It is a Holistic approach on how micro and macronutrients play in balancing and restoring our health, and effects on wellbeing, and disease states.  Our bodies and mind need to be working in a balanced state to maintain optimal health.

It is a combination of evidence-based research, nutritional therapy, and targeting the cellular level, these combined, help bring the body back into its rhythmic state.

Nutrition is our life. What we put into our bodies is what makes us live. It is needed for our whole system to function efficiently, it supplies our entire bodily reactions, from the cellular level to our organs, physically, and emotionally. This is how nutritional medicine supports us.

With todays society, processed foods, bad quality soils, environmental issues, toxins from chemicals, household products, stress, beauty products you name it these all disrupt our entire function of optimal health and wellbeing.

People say I am eating well and getting proper nutrients from what I am eating but are you really?

We all need some help with our nutrient food intake, this is why we are becoming sick, and  we need to know how we can prevent the current epidemic.

Our food quality is not as it was, especially when you go into supermarkets, and look at the fruit and vegetable that are on the shelf. These have been lying around for  long periods of time in storage and refrigeration, which further depletes nutrients,  as well as being displayed under lights all day in Supermarkets.

Organic produce is somewhat a better option, as it has better outcomes due to no pesticides. Fresh produce is really hard to get. Your best option is your local Farmers Markets.

The amount of processed foods are still rife in our supermarket aisles. When you see there is just one health food aisle,  it makes me laugh, as this is the only aisle in the supermarket that is considered healthy, and this could be true.

Most of us try our best to eat well. But are we really understanding about the quality of the food that we are consuming?

I really cringe when I go to the Supermarket and see peoples shopping trolleys, and what people put in there bodies. A better understanding of what we consume at the supermarket is what we need to be focusing on. It also doesn't help with what is on the packets, and how they entice you to buy the product, is a killer also. Low fat, low sugar, all natural, etc... Confusing!! you bet!

Knowing what to buy is a nightmare out there in our Supermarkets.

What is good for us or what is not?

Pantries a loaded with a lot of bad choices. by clearing out pantries and replacing them with good stuff is one of the keys,  in starting to get your nutrition, health and wellbeing back to at least a reasonable level.

As a nutritionist I am going to be looking at helping people make the right food choices when they go shopping.

If we as a society could get this right , this would be just one step in reducing chronic disease, obesity, and less trips to the doctors.


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