Do you need help with hormonal imbalances, menopause, through nutrition and natural health?


Why is the female hormonal system so complex?

The female hormonal system is very complex and sometimes really hard to get your head around as there is so many different conditions which effects females hormones. Some women do suffer unpleasant symptoms through there reproductive years and beyond, studies have shown 50 to 80% of women have reported to show symptoms of PMS,  which are in need of some help or support, nearly 50% of women may get some fibroids by the time they reach fifty,  and also in that same range, women will experience some symptoms during pre-menopause and post menopause, debilitating symptoms have been found it at least 25% of the population.

There is other female hormonal problems which are becoming even more evident in todays world that is PCOS, Endometriosis, Menorrhagia, and Amenorrhea.  Many of these conditions are seen in younger women and these conditions can have very severe symptoms, an array of health problems and infertility problems.

Why see a nutritionist or natural health care practitioner?

As a nutritionist there are many treatments or protocols which have been found to give positive symptom relief and support, though this can be challenging at times. It is important to look at the individual and work out an effective treatment plan, as there can also be associated underground drivers which maybe inhibiting the proper hormonal levellers ,which are so important for any hormonal imbalances.

Without writing a long drawn article which really can lead to a book. I will be just looking at some key points that can be helped for the above conditions, and may give some relief in your female hormonal symptoms.

How to tune and restore our female hormonal problems?

As a natural health practitioner, we believe it isn't based on one pill, or one area that the switch controls in our hormonal imbalances, that is serum oestrogen, or progesterone and even testosterone levels for example. Yes this is very important and the basis of our female hormonal productions. But it has such a wider picture, and implications, these underlining areas are needed to get right as well, and  to bring our bodies into homeostasis and hormonal restoration.

There are other drivers which need to be looked at, which will go along away in what we need to achieve:

- Our gut and microbiome, liver function

- Immune system.

- Endocrines, which include thyroid and pancreas.

- Metabolism, weight gain.

- Environmental and toxins, theses are disruption of our endocrine capabilities.

-  Diet and lifestyle factors.

- HPA axis and our effects that stress plays on hormones.

You could say this leads to integrated happy hormonal health, the ovaries are our main driver for our female hormones. But what happens after they are excreted inside our ovaries,  these hormones are then circulated in the blood through our cell, to our liver and digestion system, excess need to be eliminated efficiently (get the picture).  they are circulated, via our immune system, thyroid gland, fat cells, adrenals, and neurotransmitters. 

Our blood and tissues, are a very common driver of hormonal imbalances,  E2 oestrogen is very important in production and the balancing effect at a cellular level. One of the key enzymes which will enhance proper hormonal synthesis is aromatase, and this is found in a range of key dietary foods, that is:

- mushrooms, coriander, oranges, green teas, alfalfa sprouts,  cabbage and many more.

These foods are all fantastic to help in modulating hormones, which help secrete and regulate many female hormonal conditions.

The other key nutrient to consider is magnesium which is the other important signaller for modulating our oestrogen through out our tissues, due to the importance of the sulphatase-b-glucuronidase synthesiser. 

I hope you have found some insights to helping you balance your hormones naturally and looking at the whole picture.

There maybe other areas, that may need to be addressed if other areas of your diet or lifestyle are lacking, especially gut problems, obesity, and liver issues which can be coming from excess chemical overloads, or environmental problems. If these aren't functionally efficiently this will be slowing down your fine tuning of hormonal imbalances. 

If you are looking at getting your hormones back on track naturally through nutrition, diet and high quality practitioner only supplements (which is usually recommended till we get your symptoms under controlled initially), a specific treatment plan just right for you and to help balance your hormonal problems. I can help you.

You can make an appointment here online or email me, via my contact us.

Happy Hormones!! 


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