Can't lose weight? Why most diets don't work?

Yo Yo Dieting. Can't lose weight?
Set point body weight MAYBE the key!

There has been so many diets aimed at  reducing weight loss, I could not count how many there are. Studies have shown over long periods of time with individuals who have been on these diet plans, and crash diets, is one of the major causes for individuals who can never lose weight or can not keep it off.

One example is the HCG, which is the hormone you take called human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone found in early pregnancy, and that is why women have reduced appetite or morning sickness in there first trimester. This is an ultra low calorie intake of 500 cals, sounds great, lose a tonne of weight starve myself and once you have lost it, it all goes back on. Sounds familiar? How many times do you, or you know someone who has been doing this for pretty much there entire life. Want to know why?


Set point theory really makes sense

When we constantly put more stress onto our bodies, by starvation, or food restriction, the body responds with love, and defends us by making us wanting food like a pleasure, and then it starts wanting more food, and then our willpower gives in to our pleasure neurotransmitters.  

I hear people say, "that other diet worked for me so well last time, why haven't I lost as much this time?" The reason is, our body is desperately trying to tell us, it wants to be in homeostasis (a balanced state). 

The yo you effect of food intake, and the next diet you take on,  your body once again has even a harder time to lose the weight,  it eventually rises again.  The set point theory raises its head again. Unfortunately, dieting actually makes you fatter than before. Set point theory goes back to years and years of dieting.

But there is hope and your set point can be achieved, if you do it the right way and sensibly.

Your set point is individual to your body

Set points are different in everyone, there is not one size fits all, or how long it takes, this all depends on our body shape, and our own internal workings.  The more weight you want to lose say 25kgs. You will find that it can take no time at all at first, and you shred them quickly,  but you won't  get to your set point in reality.

But realistic 8 to 10kg even over a longer period of time is really the best way to get a sensible set point, this gives your body time, so it can actually adapt with the changes that are taking place in your body.

Thin is not always a perfect body image, some people are too thin, and not healthy, some people have more muscle. Your body needs to adapt to a reasonable set point. Our set point is controlled by the hypothalamus in our brain centre which also controls our hunger, via leptin and the ghrelin hormone, not our stomach. 

Diet breaks, is what we need to learn to do, through out our lives, it is a way in helping the body re adjust our homeostasis. But we also need to learn to eat healthy and maintain a well balanced diet, including our energy expenditure and what we put in and how much we burn. This needs to happen over our entire life if we want to maintain a sensible weight, and knowing what your body's set point is. Remember we are all not the same. 

It is important not to go on these yo yo diets, fad diets, diets that promise the world in a short period of time, these are definitely not your friend.
As a nutritionist, I can help you reset your own set point through a  sensible practitioner only weight maintenance programme, and learning how to do this for life.


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