Are you still not getting on top of your hot flushes as you are going through menopause and are keeping you awake at night, including your partner, and needing a fan throughout the day?

Hot flushes in menopause is more than just a decrease in oestrogen levels,  but there is usually other drivers that are causing lower than normal levels as we go through menopause and about looking after ourselves in the pre menopause and post menopause as well.
Lets look at the all over picture:
- Our gut microbiome has a big effect on our oestrogen receptors, including our HPA access which controls our stress and adrenals, and glucose metabolism, including bone health, and proper absorption of vitamins and minerals which is very important for menopause and hormones.
- Our endocrine system is an important area when it come to menopause, post menopause or even hormonal issues, as it is regulates our metabolism, and processes hormones. Anything that disrupts our endocrine system will further disrupt our ability to process our hormones and maintain a healthy balance.
- Lowering weight also has been one area that is the key in reducing hot flashes. Research has found that extra weight and high body fat disrupts our inner thermal regulator in the body.
As someone who has gone through menopause without the use of synthetic HRTs, this is one of my special focus as a Nutritionist.
If you need to get on top of those pesky hot flushes or other areas of your hormones? 😀🔥💥🧘‍♀️🎻
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