Who is wanting to go vegan or a plant based diet? Everyone is going vegan! you may want to reconsider before you change your diet?

Everyones going vegan?

I am no way bagging anyone who is vegan, vegetarian or a  purely plant based diet.
There is no doubt there is many health benefits in regards to deciding to give up an animal based diet.
It may be purely based on wanting to become healthy, or is it ethical standards of not wanting to eat animals as it is cruel.
People do have there choices.
But as a nutritionist and a lover animals myself, there is a downside to becoming a vegan or going purely plant based.
Here as some important things to consider:
- Non heme iron which is found in plant based foods, yes they contain iron but in fact have a very poor iron absorption in the gut.
- Heme iron which is found in animal based foods his far superior in absorbing iron in the gut.
- Are you iron deficient or have you in the past?
- Iron is one of the most important minerals in the body which its job is to transport energy through the body.
- Iron and thyroid function is essential poor iron status play a huge role in a healthy thyroid metabolism.
Hows is you thyroid?
- B12 is only found in animal products.
- B12 roles is important for cardio health, nervous system, gene expression, brain health, immune system and energy levels.
- B12 deficiency is increasing not only for vegans and vegetarians but also in no vegetarians, due to increase in certain medications, increase use of acid lower drugs, low stomach acid, poor diet and as we age.
- How is your gut and absorption?
- Have you had you B12's tested?
- B12 and iron need to work together for health blood and energy through the body, forming health RBCs needed for our nervous system, immune function and bone marrow.
- Raw nuts and seeds which are also consumed in high amounts with vegans, vegetarians due to the need of important protein and other minerals, but these can have a negative effect on important phyto-nutrients which can slow down absorption of important nutrients like iron, zinc and magnesium for example,
- Other areas to consider is Vitamin D, Vitamin A, omega 3 fish oils, vitamin c, and calcium.
Are you getting enough?
Are all your levels optimum?
All these are really important as many of these can inhibit each other.
Plant based diets also can have a negative effect on our environment too for example flowers that produce pollen from fruits and vegetables, many insects including bees rely on these for survival. Plants are living things just like animals.
If you would like some help and support regarding nutrients or changing your diet book you can book an appointment.