Allergies, eczema, gut issues, asthma, sinus issues! Need some answers? Why I am still eating well?

The 500 Bio Compatability Hair Analysis test, is a simple test, by method of a very small hair sample, from anywhere from the body. This test is based on testing over 500 foods, and household products, including some personal products as well.
Even healthy foods that you might think are good for your health, may also be causing your problems, you will find what is compatible with your own body and foods that are not. It is not like an allergy test, by all means.
But works on cellular functioning and how it reacts to our cells that cause inflammation.Hair and its follicles are so important in determining not only minerals but also inflammation on our cellular health.
So if you are still suffering from gut issues, allergies, skin problems, lack of energy, asthma, or getting sick, and you have tried food elimination diets, and still eating healthy, this could be your answer.
It is easy to follow once you get your results back, which can be a simple as eliminating a certain brand of canned tomatoes, your toothpaste, or even certain herbs or foods.
There is great success with this test, and by following simple guidelines, and eliminating certain products or foods over a certain period of time, it has known to eliminate most symptoms.
With Christmas and the festive season upon us, this is really not a problem, you can still enjoy some of your favourite foods or products! Not all of them!! You even may enjoy eating, and not get these unwanted symptoms.
As a qualified nutritionist at Natural Rhythm Wellbeing, I can offer this test. This is a practitioner only test.
If you would like some answers, please call, or make an appointment.
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