5 Ways in preventing, colds, flu, and infection this winter.

- Maintain good hygiene.
Airborne pathogens are when minute droplets are spread through the air via people coughing or sneezing, to avoid these pathogens being spread the best way is when you are coughing, cough into your elbow, not your hand as this will increase the risk of viral contact, when you sneeze you a tissue and dispose of it. Washing hands is the no.1 prevention in stopping the spread of viruses or bacteria, wash before food preparation, after the toilet, and wipe down computer keyboards, especially at workplaces along with phones. And please don't go into your work environment, or schools when sick.

- Keep well hydrated
In winter we don't think it is necessary to consume much water as in the summer months. But in fact, it is just as important as our bodies need water and fluids to help eliminate bad toxins, wastes, and viruses, and support the movement of nutrients and minerals throughout our cells, as this crucial for this time of year with increase viruses and infections that lurk. Water can be difficult over the colder months, a good way is to increase your intake of lovely herbal teas, fresh lemon, ginger, manuka, and garlic in hot water is great as an immune boost, along with many other lover herbal teas. 

- Keep moving
We may tend to sit on the couch for long periods and rug up with a blanket, keeping up your exercise regime is the best medicine in maintaining your immune system. 

- Reduce your heater usage
If you need to turn on your heated air conditioner,  just make sure the filter has been cleaned, especially after the very humid weather of summer here on the Gold Coast, in particular, a yearly inspection is very important, as they tend to harbour mouldy bacteria, dust mites, and other unwanted pathogens, which further irritate people who already have allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions The drying air of heaters will cause problems with mucous membranes of the nose and throat to dry out this can have issues for bodies filtering mechanisms against viruses.

- Eating right.
The importance of eating warm and nourishing foods are worth considering, stews, soups, onions, garlic, ginger toss them in everything.  Acai bowls, capsicums, chilies. Before the onset of flu or cold, it is best to take Vitamin C, consider zinc, NAC,  as well which is great for onset of flu or cold.

Try fresh raw sliced onion and garlic make a poultice and place it under your feet at night while your asleep, cover with a sock, the sulfur from onion and garlic will help get rid of toxins, help expel the mucous and clear the sinuses, an oldie but a goodie.

Another amazing and power antioxidant is Nac, 

Happy winter, stay well everyone.


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